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The very latest in burglar alarms that keep your family and your business safe and secure

Award-winning intruder alarms that give you total peace of mind

At PSL Security Systems we only offer best-in-class security systems for both domestic and commercial applications. The very latest wireless alarms offering advanced features that are a breeze to use and are installed with no fuss and no hassle.

Our systems will help protect your family or business against criminal activity, acting as a great deterrent and working with complete reliability should someone try to enter your property.

As highly experienced installers we ensure that we specify the correct system for your needs. And we make sure that you are in complete control too. Our installers will ensure that you are completely comfortable using the system and understand completely how to get the best from it.

Cutting-edge alarm systems that give you real peace of mind

Tailor-made security systems designed exactly for you

As every property is different, we ensure that your installation is tailored to your unique requirements. We look at the number of access points, room layouts and how you use the property and we design a system that will work perfectly for you.



A great deterrent 

Installing a state of the art security system doesn’t just have the benefit of scaring intruders away when the have broken into your property, it’s also proven to deter them from breaking into your property in the first place. A PSL Security Systems bellbox tells the criminal that your property is protected by a state-of-the-art security system. Knowing this they are much more likely to turn their attention to an unprotected property.

Award-Winning Security

We use only best-in-class products so you can be sure that your system will work perfectly for years to come. Award-winning technology that’s so easy to use that it quickly becomes second nature. 

Products such as the latest Pyronix Enforcer are perfect for both homes and businesses, offering advanced features like smartphone control, settings for pets, panic alarm features, voice notifications, connection to CCTV systems and more.

With App Control you can arm and disarm you alarm from your phone, from anywhere in the world. You can even set it to be location aware and arm automatically when you leave your home. Smart technology that makes staying secure an absolute breeze.


Modern wireless alarm systems are now so reliable that we now rarely fit wired systems. The big advantage with wireless systems is that with no wires to feed throughout your home of business premises, installation is really quick and totally mess free.

Our experienced installers take pride in their work and always respect your property. All work is carried out to the highest possible standard, any wiring work that’s required for the control units will be tidy and as discreet as possible.

You’ll receive a certificate of compliance in the completion of the installation and you may be entitled to a discount on your house insurance premiums.

Maintenance packages

To ensure that your system always works perfectly we offer planned maintenance packages. Our engineer will visit your home, test the system, apply any software updates that may be required and will change the batteries on the PIR’s and remote controls as required. Every system has different requirements but we make ongoing maintenance simple, easy and affordable. 

Why choose PSL for your alarm installation?

Compared to the big name security companies such as ADT and Verisure, PSL offer some big advantages:

  • We beat them on cost. We’re a much smaller and more nimble company. We don’t spend a fortune on marketing and promotion. Those TV ads and sales teams don’t come cheap. Somebody has to pay for it. We guarantee that we will beat them on cost, every single time.
  • We beat them on system quality too. We use the best available products from the whole security system market, we’re not limited to a single company. The big name companies often use proprietary systems that only their own engineers can service (which ties you to their expensive plans for the life of the system). These systems are NOT class-leading. Our systems use open protocols and can be maintained by any qualified engineer.
  • We beat them on service quality. We take great care of our customers. You get personal service from a security expert. Not a call centre. Read the reviews, customer service from the big name companies is very way less than acceptable.
Psl Alarms

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Easy to use, high-performance home security

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Pricing Table

* You only rent the system and the vendor reserves the right to remove the system should your payments stop.
 **ADT use a closed system that only their engineers can service or repair. Our system uses an Open Protocol and can be maintained by ANY alarm specialist. You are not locked into dealing with us.
*** Both ADT and Yale do not allow Facebook users to leave reviews due to the number of negative comments. We welcome all customer comments and do everything we possibly can to offer our customers the best service quality in the industry.

With PSL if you choose our Kanda finance you own the system from day one. After your 10 monthly payments are made you can opt in to our complete service and maintenance plan. We provide a yearly service, battery replacement, any parts required including fitting and any call outs required are covered. This costs £15 per month by Direct Debit.

Only the latest, proven technology

We’re a family-owned and run firm

We provide outstanding service & Value

We’re a fully accredited security installer

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Great security is more affordable than ever. Our prices are extremely competitive and you can now spread the cost interest-free over 10 months

Finance available through Kanda from 0% APR. Representative example: 0% APR Representative based on a loan of £540 repayable over 10 months at an interest rate of 0% pa (fixed). Deposit amount £59. Monthly repayments of £54. Total amount payable £599. Kanda Products & Services Ltd is authorised by the FCA, registration number 920795. 17 High Street, Forward House, Henly-in-Arden, Warwickshire, England, B95 5AA.

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