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There’s no bigger deterrent to a burglar than a good CCTV system. PSL supplied cutting-edge CCTV systems to homes and businesses all over Gateshead and the North East.

Not all CCTV Systems are equal
When it comes to installing CCTV you have a huge amount of options. Inexpensive systems are everywhere. Why should you specify a professional-grade installation instead of using systems like Ring, Nest or Hive? They’re extremely popular, surely they must be good?

Well, once you get past the slick marketing messages, the facts are that these systems are nowhere near as good across a wide range of criteria as a professional system and often have some quite serious drawbacks. Our systems are better and also offer outstanding value for money.

Cutting-edge alarm systems that give you real peace of mind

So what's so good about PSL's CCTV systems?

Our high-performance CCTV systems are cost-competitive and yet offer significant performance, reliability and ease of use advantages over popular consumer systems.

ColourView Technology
The very latest camera tech that gives you stunning colour pictures 24 hours a day. Even pictures taken during the night offer superb high-definition quality.

Smart Motion Detection
A brilliant feature that will recognise a person moving around your property and will automatically email you the footage. It works with amazing accuracy (98%) and alerts you only when you need to be alerted.

Commercial Cctv
Hik Vision Camera

Active Deterrence
A feature that lets you warn of intruders with pre-programmed voice commands and flashing lights.

View your footage from anywhere
You can view your footage from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and all footage is recorded for 30 days. Our system will not slow down your internet connection.

Professional installation.
No mess. We try our best to make sure that we leave no unsightly wires (our installers are masters at hiding cables). Highly effective camera positioning means better images.

Technical problems? With Ring, Nest and Hive you’re on your own.
Internet forums are full of people struggling with technical problems when the cameras develop issues. Our wired systems are much more reliable and if they do develop a fault simply call us. Expert help and advice is always available. 


Our system will not slow down your household internet connection

CCTV systems like Ring usually record their video and constantly upload to the Cloud through your home broadband. As this happens continuously they can use a huge amount of your internet bandwidth, often slowing down your household internet connection by a significant margin. Read the reviews online! 
Our system records to a base unit and does not slow down your internet connection at all.

Only the latest, proven technology

We’re a family-owned and run firm

We provide outstanding service & Value

We’re a fully accredited security installer

Psl Cctv

The Pyronix HomeControl DoorbellCam – the very latest doorbell technology for the home

PSL Security Systems are delighted to offer The Pyronix HomeControl DoorbellCam to our customers.

The HomeControl DoorbellCam offers state-of-the-art main entrance protection with full HD video, a 130-degree wide-angle field of view, real-time notifications to your phone wherever you are in the world and push-to-talk functionality.

ProControl+ from PSL Security

A new standard in home security

PSL LightCam

Complete security, evin in 100% darkness

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