Emergency Lighting.

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Emergency lighting installation and maintenance

In the event of a power failure or fire, which may lead to sudden darkness, emergency lighting is essential to illuminate a safe escape route from your building and allow everyone to exit in safety. In the event of a lighting failure the emergency lighting system will automatically return illumination to a sufficiently high level to allow all occupants to exit the building in a normal fashion.

Whether it’s a commercial, retail and industrial premises PSL can design your emergency lighting system, carry out full installation and commission it to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Emergency Lighting Corridor

Emergency Signage

It is compulsory that all areas of your building have signage that shows people how to exit the building in the event of an emergency. Signs should be installed at all main junctions in corridors, at the start and end points of stairways, near lifts and toilets and at areas where you have fire-equipment installed. We can install all signage to insure you are 100% compliant with the latest regulations.

Emergency Lighting Maintenance and Testing

To stay fully compliant with all British Standards regulations emergency lighting systems must be tested monthly with a full test being required every year.

PSL engineers can carry out all required testing and any ongoing maintenance that the system may require. Working with us we can schedule monthly, six-monthly or yearly maintenance that guarantees your lighting compliance is inline with all current regulations.

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