Access Control.

Restrict access to parts of your premises by installing Access Control

We install the very latest Access Control Systems. Expertly.

PSL install Access Control systems that make management of your business premises simple as well as extremely secure. You can restrict and monitor access for both staff and visitors.

Our solutions are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind and access can be controlled from a single PC or central location for maximum convenience. We can implement both proximity and swipe technology.

We offer solutions ranging from simple intercom access, proximity cards or fobs to advanced biometric systems such a fingerprint and hand scan readers.

Whatever access control solution you choose we can integrate it with other security systems for centralised management of the site. Call us on 0191 461 0100 to find out more.

Phone Access Control
Access Protect

Start with as little as a single door system

Access Control systems that can grow with your company

You can start with a single wired or wireless entry point and add doors one at a time as and when you need increased the security of your building. 

We also offer smartphone control that’s easy and intuitive to use. With a wireless installation internal or external doors can be secured with a minimum of disruption and at low cost. 

Door entry systems lets you recognise a visitor calling at your door before granting access. We specialise in the supply and installation of card reader and keypad access control systems. Users can be assigned access levels to enter only permitted areas. You can enter up to 10,000 users and control up to 130 doors.

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