Fire Detection.

Restrict access to parts of your premises by installing Access Control

At PSL we design, maintain and install the very latest Fire Detection Solutions in Gateshead and the north east.

Conventional fire alarm systems are a cost-effective way to ensure you have a means of detecting and warning of fire.

We can connect conventional fire alarm systems with other fire alarm panels on your site or install communicators which are monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) ensuring a rapid response from the emergency services.

Having the right fire alarm in place is your first priority, but great consideration should be given to the response of an alarm out of working hours. We can connect your fire alarm system to Duel Com to ensure that the Fire Brigade or a 3rd party is contacted whenever the alarm is raised.

We install advanced fire detection systems can detect a fire in the very early stages, gaining valuable time in the race to extinguish the fire, invaluable in a situation where mere seconds can be the difference between a minor incident and a major fire.

Numerous detectors can be installed which activate the fire alarm control panel and indicate which zone has been triggered, giving you or the fire brigade vital information.


Fire Prevention
Fire Panels

Comprehensive, reliable and affordable

The latest fire detection systems installed for total peace of mind

We only install best-in-class, fully proven fire detection equipment. High-performance solutions that will not let you down.

  • Conventional Fire Systems, multi-zone fire panels, detectors, power supplies and more…
  • Two-Wire Fire Systems
  • Addressable Fire Systems
  • Evacuation Alert
  • Conventional and Addressable Call Systems
  • Hearing Loop Systems and much more…


Our specialists will ensure that your premises are protected by the correct equipment, properly designed to fit your exact requirements. We are a UCAS accredited company and all of our systems are installed to adhere to the latest standards.

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