Concept Smoke Screen.

Proven to be safe and extremely effective when intruders have entered your building

Stop criminals in their tracks with Concept Smoke Screen security fog

Security fog generation puts the criminal on the back foot and is proven to reduce intrusion and violence against staff and members of the public. 

Concept Smoke Screen takes a different approach to secure your business. In a world where criminals are getting bolder and often don’t appear to be intimidated by standard security systems, Concept Smoke Screen takes the fight to them directly.

The fog generator starts releasing fog in a fraction of a second and can cover an area of six metres in only two seconds. Only a few seconds later the entire room is covered in a thick layer of fog giving the intruder practically zero visibility.

Incredibly effective and completely safe too.

Concept Smoke Screen

See Concept Smoke Screen in action

Safe and proven to be incredibly effective against crime

When a break-in takes place the Concept Smokescreen appliance fills the room with dense but harmless fog. It makes it virtually impossible for them to see what they are doing. As the alarm is also sounding the criminal will almost always realise that they can’t achieve what they intended and they’ll have no option but to leave.

It’s a safe barrier that reduces visibility to almost zero and effectively blinds the criminal and ends the threat as if they can’t see it they can’t steal it!

When the smoke clears it leaves no residue and no sign that it was ever there. Concept Smoke Screen is a highly effective weapon in the fight against crime.

PSL can install the system easily into any type of business premises and it’s affordable too, why not get in touch and find out more?

You can't steal what you can't see.

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